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The Next Step in Open Source Development - Open Source Plus

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Event Date:
December, 12, 2013

The Open Source movement has been a major benefit to developers and users of information technology. However, there are aspects of Open Source projects that come up a little bit short against some of the demands of production or critical systems. More demanding mission critical application systems require more security, transaction management, automation, and audit support. IBM has responded to this problem with the Liberty Profile for Websphere Application Server (WAS). This profile supports the ability to develop using Open Source tools and seamlessly migrate the resulting application into the more comprehensive WAS platform for production. Liberty also allows ISVs and users to deploy applications without paying the license and support fees for Liberty Profile, making it a compelling option when compared to other JEE application servers.

Please join us to learn more about:

  • The Liberty Profile
  • Integration between Websphere and Liberty
  • Using Liberty to develop and deploy applications without license fees
  • The cost benefits of moving from Open Source to Websphere

Featured Speakers:
Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow - VP - WebSphere CTO
Aaron Goldberg, Content 4 IT - CEO
Sal Salamone, Moderator - QuinStreet


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