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Android on X86 - Go Native. Go Fast. Go with Intel for a Superior User Experience!

Event Date: October 30, 2013

In this eSeminar, learn how to efficiently deliver a superior Android user experience through native apps optimized for the Intel® Platform. Learn about developer tools for Android* on Intel® Platforms. Also you will learn the different CPU architectures and how to enable your application to run on these.

Topics Include:

  • Why Android on Intel?
  • What it means for existing Android Apps to run on an Intel® Device
  • Building and Packaging to target multiple Intel® CPU architectures
  • Develop better native apps efficiently with Intel tools and resources: Intel® Beacon Mountain and other Android Software tools from Intel® to speed up your development cycle
  • Take advantage of Intel level performance to realize the full potential of your app

Daniel Holmlund, Software Engineer - Intel Developer Relations Division
Aaron Goldberg, Moderator - QuinStreet


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